Equine Treasures

Gabriele Boiselle captures the splendor of the Arabian Horse

In commemoration of the Bahrain Animal Production Show 2018 (BAPS 2018), Miracle Publishing, together with world-renowned equestrian photographer Gabriele Boiselle, have curated a collection of captivating images that tell the story of Bahrain’s unique and fascinating equestrian heritage. Combining remarkable imagery with poetic verses, Equine Treasures highlights the strength and beauty of the Kingdom’s prized horses and the country’s historic relationship with them.

The book begins with a foreword from HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, in which he shares his appreciation for the support that animals, particularly horses, have provided in molding the success of the Middle East. He points out that this is where the Kingdom’s dedication and allegiance to the magnificent Arabian horse began, and why continuing to preserve its heritage is so important.

This heartfelt message paves the way for an expressive collection of artfully chosen images that present the distinctive characteristics of the five strains or families that father the pure breed Arabian horse and the commitments taken on to preserve it.

Photographing the beautiful beasts in various natural settings, Gabriele has tenderly captured the essence of the Arabian horse and portrayed each breed’s unique traits. Split into 17 sections, most of which start with a poetic verse that provides an insight into the nature of the upcoming images, the collection showcases the unique blend of mental and physical attributes, combined with the beauty, strength and stamina that each pure breed Arabian horse exudes.

“Photographing the beautiful beasts in various natural settings, Gabriele has tenderly captured the essence of the Arabian horse and portrayed each breed's unique traits"

Once appreciated for their ability to withstand the unbearable conditions of the desert terrain, the Arabian horse is now more commonly admired for its ability to excel in racing, show jumping and events, all of which are enthusiastically practiced across the Middle East. Gabriele contrasts blurry images of rapid action, conveying strength and speed, with intimate close up shots of the animal’s eyes to establish a deep connection with the reader.

As you travel through the pages it becomes clear why the Kingdom of Bahrain is so dedicated to preserving and protecting its unique equine heritage. The undeniable emotion and rich respect between humans and horses is conveyed evocatively through the entirety of the book.

The name Equine Treasures is a truly appropriate name for a collection of images that will undoubtedly be treasured for offering an insight into the importance of preserving cultural heritage and man’s emotional connection with these graceful creatures of the desert.

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