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The formula behind the decades-long success of Bahrain Jewellery Centre - INTERVIEW WITH BAHRAIN JEWELLERY CENTRE DIRECTOR, MOHAMMED SHIRAZI

Based On Your Experience At Baselworld, What Are The Upcoming Watch Trends That People Should Expect?

There have been a few trends that were evident at the fair. The main one we have noticed is that watch dials are becoming smaller than they used to be. The ideal watch size is now between 39-42mm, which is going back to how they used to be made in previous years. Every year, there is a distinct color that brands use for their dials. Last year it was blue, and this year most watch dials came in green. Generally, the direction that watch trends has been leaning towards is that they have become sleeker.

To What Would You Attribute Bjc’s Success In Maintaining Its Leading Position?

BJC is current. We carry some of the best jewellery and watch brands from around the world, and we cater to a variety of customers, which displays our depth. We also make sure that customer care remains the most crucial aspect in our company. It’s a principle we have instilled within all our staff, with some staff being with us back from the inception of BJC in 1978. BJC is not just an organization. We are a family, and we deal with our customers with the same ideals in mind.

What Would You Say Is The Latest Trend In The Jewellery World?

Many brands are bringing statement cuffs back, which is a bold and powerful look that resembles warrior women in history. Also, many brands have been incorporating luxurious greens in their collections, be it emeralds or other green stones. Another trend would be extra-long necklaces and shoulder-skimming earrings.

What Should People Bear In Mind When Buying A Luxury Watch? How Should They Choose Between The Various Brands Housed At Bjc?

When buying a luxury watch, one should consider what suits their wrist the most depending on dial size and shape, the history of the watch brand, and the type of watch they are looking for, whether it is a specific movement or a simple classic everyday watch. As each brand has a different identity, the customer should pick a watch that allows them to identify with the brand’s personality. Which of BJC’s brands do you find resonate most with young professionals today, and which ones are preferred by more mature customers? Young professionals seem to gravitate more towards everyday luxury that provides a state of comfort and elegance at the same time, whether with watches or jewellery. Our more mature customers seek out pieces with more splendour, so older women are often after the more striking and dazzling yet classic pieces of jewellery.

“When buying a luxury watch, one should consider what suits their wrist the most depending on dial size and shape”

What Kind Of Challenges Does Bahrain’s Jewellery Market Face These Days?

In previous years, there might have been confusion about what true luxury is, but the market is now more aware of what luxury is comprised of: craftsmanship, brand history, and a greater focus on the gemological aspect of certain diamond and gemstone properties.

How Does Bahrain’s Jewellery05 Market Fare In The Region? Does It Have Its Own Advantages Or Unique Characteristics?

Bahrain has been a leader in the jewellery and watch field in the region, which is a definite advantage. The most evident being the Jewellery Arabia exhibition, which has been held every year since 1992. Year after year, it has been growing, showing the experience of the exhibitors and the clientele of the jewellery and watch field.

With Such A Wide Range Of Brands Under Its Name, What Would Be The Next Step For Bjc? Do You Have Any Future Expansion Plans?

BJC always seeks opportunities for expansion as long as it complies with our company’s vision and DNA. As a lot of our recent expansions have been stand-alone boutiques, we are always looking for new brands to embrace under the BJC family, and we believe our new brand acquisitions will not fall short to our loyal customers.


Bjc Recently Participated In Baselworld, Which Is One Of The World’s Most Exclusive Jewellery And Watch Exhibitions. What Were Your Key Takeaways From This Event? Was There A Particular Collection That Caught Your Attention?

As everyone knows, Baselworld is the mecca of the jewellery and watch world and it is always a pleasure for us to participate. As per usual, Patek Philippe exceeds our expectations every year at the fair. Also, Omega’s collection excels yearly and has definitely placed itself as one of the most current luxury watch brands. Since Hublot is the official timekeeper of this year’s World Cup, they have created limited edition pieces as well. And you can’t deny the wondrous jewellery or watches masterpieces that have been produced by Bulgari, Chopard, and Maria Gaspari.

Do You Have A Personal Favorite Watch, And What Does It Say About You?

BJC carries a large selection of watch brands and we believe that each brand has its distinct identity with certain special pieces within in each brand. It is quite difficult to choose a personal favorite as each brand has its own unique craftsmanship and design. Each watch has a certain element that allows one to appreciate it.

Swiss Luxury Watchmakers Hublot Unveiled A Watch Called Referee 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia At Baselworld. What Kind Of Buyer Is This Watch Aimed At, And Can Hublotistas In Bahrain Expect To Get Their Hands On It Anytime Soon?

As it is Hublot’s third participation as FIFA World Cup’s Branded Licensee, Hublot has produced the Big Bang Referee watch. FIFA has approached Hublot to create a watch that is so precise that the official referees can wear it during football matches. With only 2018 pieces produced, this watch will definitely be a winner for football fanatics as it is a great memorabilia item to have. The Big Bang Referee watch is currently available at BJC.

Patek Philippe Markets Itself As an Heirloom Piece To Be Passed On Through The Generations. How Does That Influence Buyers Of This Brand?

When you purchase a Patek Philippe, you are purchasing a unique and sentimental piece that by its own nature is one to be passed on to loved ones from generation to generation. A Patek Philippe watch is timeless and the workmanship of the watch is exquisite. The artisanal skills it takes to produce a Patek Philippe watch is nothing less than art. There is a deep history behind the brand that is undeniable and this is what makes it special.

Maria Gaspari’s Latest Collection Is Inspired By Roman Glamour And Opulence. Can You Tell Us How This Fits In With The Modern Woman’s Vision Of Herself?

The epitome of Roman women is power, and with Maria Gaspari’s collection embracing romance and opulence, this definitely fits in with the modern woman. The modern woman aspires to be independent and strong but yet feminine and luxurious.

Oris’ Mechanical Watches Are Divided Into Four Collections: Motor Sport, Aviation, Culture And Diving. What Makes These Watches Uniquely suited To These Activities, And Do You Recommend Them To Non- Adventurous People As Well?

Oris have done thorough research to provide each watch with the proper criteria to be labelled into each of the categories they have been placed into. For example, for the Diving watches, the mechanism has been produced to handle the pressures of underwater diving. I would recommend them to everyone, adventurous or not, as they are lovely timepieces to own and a great addition to any watch collection.

Is There A New Brand We Should Expect To Be Added To Bjc’s Range Soon?

There is an exciting brand that will be joining the BJC family hopefully very soon and will be revealed in the upcoming months.

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