For The Dreamers

Exploring future ambitions of Corum with CEO, Jerome Biard.

Can You Tell Us A Little About Corum’s Participation In Baselworld 2018?

We are very happy to show a new face of Corum at Baselworld. We are implementing new strategies to go even higher with the brand. We will put more focus on Golden Bridge, Admiral, and Heritage. Baselworld is an important time for us as we meet a lot of our friends. We meet about 700 jewellers!

What Design Or Functionality Features Make Corum Watches Unique?

Our in-line baguette movement is as unique as Golden Bridge. I would say the inline movements are very unique. We play a lot with this aspect, and it allows us to explore the space around it. Of course, the ags also make it special. To be current and have history at the same time is the DNA of Corum. We work with this outlook in mind. There aren’t many brands that have such a strong personality and uniqueness.

Can You Tell Us A Bit About Any Technological Innovations In Corum Watches?

We have been playing with new materials lately. We are very proud of our accomplishments with the Amidral Bronze, which is sterilized, meaning changing will not allow more oxidation. It gives it this very special color and makes it safe.

How Would You Describe Corum’s Performance In The Luxury Watch Market Recently?

To be honest, it hasn’t been very easy. We are looking to go back to the position Corum once held when its founders started enjoying success. Today, we are very strong in Hong Kong, Macau, and Asia in general, but there is still a lot of space for improvement in places like the Middle East and the US. We have a lot of homework to do but we believe that we are already on the right track. The brand’s mentality is strong, and w0e1 are still creating great collections.

What Challenges Stand In The Face Of Luxury Watchmakers Today?

One of the challenges is the ability to produce authentic products at the right price. Watchmakers have to show their know-how and produce pieces that are of true quality. I also think they should be reasonable in the quantity they produce, so it would create rarity and desirability.

How Would You Describe Corum’s Clientele? Who Wears Corum?

For Corum, every client is very different. For example, someone who will fall in love with Bubble, might also fall in love with Admiral or Golden Bridge. One thing is for sure, they’re all self- con dent, high-income individuals. They are not followers. They don’t want to be like anyone else. They want to show their personality through their watch. These are interesting people who have a dream and could make it come true.

Do You Have A Favorite Corum Timepiece?

Even since I was young, I have always loved the Admiral. The one with the thick wood and little ags. I also like Golden Bridge but the Admiral is more my style. It’s a watch you can wear every day, even for evenings it can still be quite elegant.

Are There Any Future Projects You Can Share With Us?

We have many projects coming up. We are going to focus more on the Golden Bridge collection and high jewellery. Expect to see ladies’ watches with more jewels in the future. And expect Corum to go to higher levels!

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