Up close and personal

Mystical Renaissance

Five years after unveiling Ahton, his now legendary sculpture, master jeweller Andreas Altmann is applying his creativity and expertise to watches suffused with Haute Horlogerie

These timepieces appeal not only for their style, but also for their watchmaking mechanisms. Like an extension of the Giberg Swiss Noble Forge, the new Giberg Haute Horlogerie brand is an elegant demonstration of its mastery of time, just as Ahton was proof of its artistic dexterity, and is a worthy guardian of unique expertise. Andreas Altmann’s exceptional and original watches will be unveiled at the forthcoming Baselworld show.

Ahton is a masterpiece of the most exceptional craftsmanship imaginable, and a unique sculpture entirely hand-crafted by the artist and his Giberg Swiss Noble Forge team over a period of almost five years. Five kilograms of solid gold were required to produce  the mystical beast, which is studded with 7739 diamonds weighing a total of 108 carats. As if captured in action, the dragon exudes the full power of his ferocity, with the eye drawn to his gleaming armour, his outspread wings, and the phantasmagoric fire he breathes from his savage mouth. Such power in Ahton’s artistic expression is due to the painstaking attention to detail, the strict use of materials and the undeniable expertise of Andreas Altmann’s team. The mythical beast Ahton is a worthy representative of Giberg Swiss Noble Forge, which strives to create unique pieces of the highest quality.


“Ahton is a masterpiece of the most exceptional ”

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